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Always traveling with our pet

Michael Müggler
23 February 2021
Always traveling with our pet

Going on a long-awaited vacation and glancing around the lavish lobby ornamented with gilded chandeliers, you might wonder if you could parade your pet through the front door. Taking your fur baby along on a trip may sound fun, but without proper planning, it can make things complicated.

The world is brimming with luxurious hotels and lodgings but very few welcome pets. And the ones who welcome pets have specific pet policies and basic pet etiquette rules that must be known before making a reservation.

Tips for travelling with your pet

Being a pet person, often the most difficult part of a trip is leaving your pet behind. Most people avoid traveling with their pets because of the inconvenience and bad experiences. For your convenience, we have put together some tips and tricks for traveling with your pets to have a memorable trip next time. 

Plan before you leave

Before leaving for your trip, always make sure that you get all the information regarding your pet’s stay, travel details, and any special pet policies. Check your pet’s identification tags and make sure they are securely fastened to their collar. There are instances where the information on the tags is incorrect, double-check everything!

Make a reservation for your pet

Not making a reservation beforehand for your pet is a huge mistake. It can either make or break your whole trip. Never wait until check-in to let the hotel know that you have a four-legged company. Always confirm the pet policy of the hotel you are planning to stay in.

Always traveling with our pet

Choosing the right room matters!

If you own a pet, not every room is a suitable option for you. Requesting a room on the ground floor is always your best bet for plenty of reasons. Among many reasons, a shorter trip to the door when it’s potty time is a lifesaver. Moreover, that up and down ride in an elevator can be stressful for your pet if they are not used to it. 

If you own a dog, you must know how active they are, jumping from bed to bed, wrestling with you. On the ground floor, your neighbors are less likely to get disturbed.

Pro tip: Request a room with a fridge to keep your dog’s food fresh and close. 

Make your pets feel at home

Pets are mostly creatures of habit. So, it is crucial that you stick to your pet’s routine to make them feel more at home. Otherwise, they will be tempted to wander around or dash out of the room. 

Pack your pet’s crate, sheets, toys, and food along. Using a crate for your pet not only prevents the hotel’s bedspread from getting furry or dirty but also provides a familiar home-like comfort to your pets.

Always traveling with our pet

Finding the right hotel for your pet

If you are planning to take your first trip with your beloved pooch, finding a pet-friendly hotel might be a tough nut to crack. Walking into a lobby and finding out you cannot factor in your four-legged guest may turn your vacation into a disappointment. Hence, it is always a good idea to phone the hotel beforehand and get all the information on their pet policies.

A pet-friendly hotel is one that allows your pet to stay in the room with you. It is worth knowing that every hotel has different pet policies. Some hotels may limit the number of pets, breed restrictions, and even size limits. Moreover, most hotels charge extra for keeping dogs and other pets. 

Even among the global hotel chains, you cannot be entirely sure whether or not they are pet-friendly. Camel’s Spring Club is perhaps an exception and is known for its pet-friendly policies. The property may not have special dog amenities, but it is extremely affordable with flexible pet policies. 

Note: For specific pet conditions, you would need to contact the property directly

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Always traveling with our pet

Going on a long-awaited vacation and glancing around the lavish lobby ornamented with gilded chandeliers, you might wonder if you could parade your...

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