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Enjoy the cold winter in Lanzarote

Michael Müggler
23 February 2021
Enjoy the cold winter in Lanzarote

The subtropical temperatures and stunning beaches of Lanzarote make it one of the most desired holiday destinations to spend the cold winter. Along with the sunny beaches, the island boasts volcanic and mountainous landscapes making it Spain’s most tranquil and beautiful island destination. 

Far away from bustling city life, Lanzarote has all the great things to do there in low-season to escape the madding crowd. The island has a rich nature reserve where you can find rare birds, lizards, sea lions, and other sea creatures in the waters surrounding the island. 

The crystal clear turquoise waters of Lanzarote will definitely make you crave a dip in the ocean and enjoy a natural spa on the island. Take a swim, lie down on your back, soak the sun, and fill yourself with vitamin D on the white sandy beaches. Sounds fun?

Let’s delve into more reasons as to why you should go to Lanzarote this winter!

Soak up the sun

If you are planning to escape the cold of winter, a trip to Lanzarote is pretty dang perfect. The weather at Lanzarote is neither cold nor boiling hot, rather; it is comfortably warm. Lanzarote has many beaches with bold landscape and stunning weather that will help you swap out cold days and dark, chilly nights for warm and cozy temperatures and hours-long sunlight. 

If you are looking for a small and quiet apartment complex that delivers all and doesn’t leave you short on amenities, Camel’s Spring Club has it all. With the sun shining all day long and Sahara winds blowing, it gives you plenty of time to soak up the sun even on the shortest days of the year. 

Each apartment at the Camel’s Spring Club is designed in a way that it faces south. This allows all apartments to enjoy plenty of sun. Moreover, each apartment has a balcony with perfectly placed sun loungers for quiet sunbathing and relaxing. So, if you are seeking some summer sun, pack your bags and head towards Lanzarote. 

Soak up the sun

Enjoy the quietness

If you are looking for a place that is incredibly tranquil, less crowded, and quieter during the low season, island Lanzarote is just the perfect place to hit. With very few people visiting the island during the winter, visiting Lanzarote can really help you relax and reload before you go back home. 

At Camel’s Spring Club, offering privacy and solitude is one of the top priorities. The Club has generously proportioned apartments that offer the greatest possible privacy and the best value for money in Costa Teguise. The spacious and bright apartments with balconies overlooking the sea, the garden or/and the pool offer some protection from the loud outside world.

Enjoy the quietness

More economical

Spending your vacation during the offseason is always cheaper and economical. Lanzarote is one such option with airfares, hotels, and apartments at significantly lower prices. What is better than being on a sunny beach during the chilly winters, without frittering money away?

Camel’s Spring Club is a friendly and family-run complex with cheaper accommodation. The Club is surrounded by a selection of nearby shops, supermarkets, bars, and cheap restaurants. The reception staff happily assists you with excursion planning, sightseeing, and rental reservations at stunningly cheaper rates. 

Go dolphin spotting!

Join a sunset cruise or a boat trip to see dolphins in Lanzarote. Searching wild dolphins during winter is an experience of a lifetime equally for young and old. Dolphin spotting can be done all year round in Lanzarote especially from Costa Teguise, where it is easy to navigate to the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean.

Located just 600 meters from the center of Costa Teguise, Camel’s Spring Club is an ideal place to stay if you want to go dolphin spotting!

Go dolphin spotting!

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